Everything starts with a dream, and this dream begins in 2014 with the desire to make a trip with friends and children through Chile, Argentina and Brazil, 30 days in which we would travel the main resorts in the south of the continent to get from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from Viña del Mar to Rio de Janeiro.
The trip was incredible, many places, people, landscapes and experiences, with the peace of mind of going forward, enjoying the route and knowing places within a general plan that changed according to the best data to know what each friendly host gave us in our long but relaxed and comfortable travel. The initial investment was already made at the end of 2013, the rest of the expense was to have oil, food and general maintenance of the truck.
Just try to summarize this trip to write a book, were more than 13,000 km. of adventures and fascinating experiences, my friend with his children stayed to enjoy one more month in Brazil with the comfort that gives the Mobile House and mobility that gives you the Truck, all Brazil is very well equipped to travel in a MotorHome or Rodante House , like forgetting the Camping Clube do Brasil present in all the major cities / spas, very well equipped. Without a doubt one of the dreams is to implement something like that in Chile. I had to return to the month, by plane with my children from Sao Paulo, to return to work.
With the acquired travel experience, we continue to travel throughout Chile, both North and South, to beaches and mountains, snow-covered National Parks in the winter such as the Conguillio and sunny beaches in summer. The tradition of spending the new years always away from home, one year we spent Christmas in Pucón and then New Year in the Torres del Paine. That was the keynote of all the years.
From this story is that the year 2016 is born the MotorHome Adventure project with the aim of being able to deliver all this family experience of trips and adventures to our customers and friends. Being able to make other people happy and fulfill the expectations of those adventure dreams is what we are passionate about. We do everything because we love and love sharing those experiences with those who are willing to live it and enjoy it to the fullest, as if life were one .
Finally after almost a year and a half in which we were developing a particular project for a chain of Hotels and Mountain Loft within the circuit of the W and O in the Paine, having the fortune of living in the Park at the foot of the Towers del Paine, in January of this year 2018, we decided to launch and share our adventure project with all of you. The cover photo is of the day we left behind that arduous task in El Paine and we started to conquer our dreams of sharing this beautiful experience with all of you
The reward has been immense with all the families and groups of friends who have been able to enjoy this beautiful adventure touring the beautiful landscapes of Chilean Patagonia, Argentina (Perito Moreno Glacier) and the famous Torres del Paine National Park, 8th wonder of the world.
No doubt this story is just beginning and we want you to be part of our adventure book and record, we invite you and we will help you fulfill your dreams ...

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